Saturday, December 13, 2014

Winter on the farm

 The new lamps that Dean installed at our gate.
 Micah's ducks waddling past the Duck-snowman that she made,
 into their cozy duck house
Our stack of wood for the stove that heats our house and hot water, and the little red hen that chopped all the wood, no just kidding, we have some other hardworkers about.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year!!

It's winter and things have slowed down on the farm as they should, with animals tucked into winter pens and wreaths on our doors, our family wishes you peace and joy this season!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baking up memories

Here we are having fun in the kitchen, this is the part not everyone gets to see, I love the moment when the breakfast all comes together, when the kettle whistles and the coffee press is poured to go on the tray.  The whole family works together to get it just right and what memories we have together.  On the other side, when we deliver this sweet smelling tray to you at the cottage, what memories do you go home with?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Community Herbalism!! Loose tea and salve 101

 These are a few photos from the DIY workshop that we did today, the family was so helpful, with Lena especially doing many things to help. We sent our guests home with 2 blends of tea that they blended, after learning about the herbs, and can give out as homemade holiday gifts.  The salve didn't get finished, in time to take home, but I am making deliveries! All in all, it was a very satisfying day! Thank you everyone who came, you made it so fun!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 The first snow of the season
 beautiful sunsets
Lena and Jenn finished their herbal class

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Farm photos

Our fresh herbs from the new (2013) herb garden

American Guinea Hogs, "the 3 little pigs"
Some farm photos.
As we get deep into Autumn, and almost to Winter.
So you can see a little bit of what has happened this summer.
The B&B is still open, and we have been pretty busy.
Some new ideas are in the works, and we have bikes for guests now, it's so exciting! Photos soon, of those.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Breakfast in May

This delicious breakfast includes strawberry-rhubarb pie from Bluebird bakery and the omelettes have yummy local cheese from the SNO farm, called "Tiara", fresh eggs from our hens and freshly ground, organic fair-trade coffee in the French press.  I Love making breakfast!