Sunday, June 19, 2011

The view from here

 The weathered old planters, we found these old wash tubs here in the woods, when we bought our place 12 years ago.
 The new outdoor tub
 Sunlight on the porch at the B&B
 Momma and newborn baby out on the spring grass.
Some of the 2011 mommas and babies on Forget me not Farm

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Caroline Farmers Market

 Here we are at our booth, honey, yarn, homemade bath products, and all things fiber!
 This is Peter, with some Amazing bouquets that his wife arrainges, sooooo incredible.  You have to be there to smell their delicious aroma!
 This is the booth for Dead end farm, our local Organic Milk and Beef.  LOVE their vintage scale.  They don't make them like this any more, still working!
Snow Farm Creamerys beautiful display of artisan cheese and samples.  I had a very hard time deciding which one, but my little girl didn't, she spent her own money on a cheese named Tiara!  You know it's got to be good.  What a foodie. Hee hee.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A close up of our honey comb

A sweet shot.

Taking honey off the hive

 Delicious! Once again we had the priveledge to smack our lips and use our antique extractor all together as a family.

 However, this time all was not so sweet.  The hot weather, the bearings going bad, and then the extractor vibrating almost off the table.  (We have some sanding to do)
 All in all, I think it was a learning experience still, and we held our tempers, and were completely rewarded by the taste of french vanilla ice cream with fresh honey spooned all over it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time for tea

Things are busy, busy here at the farm, and we have been baking and having tea to get thru the warm afternnoons.
Today the weather cooled off nicely and we spent some time in the garden, weeding and doing a bit of the yard work, I pruned this branch from the hydrengea.   Some things on the breakfast menu for the B&B cottage include, scones, apple maple sausages, buckwheat pancakes, some special sauces (like strawberry-rhubarb, and pear butter), with local maple syrup, and also cornbread in a teenie little pan, served with Stonewall Kitchen marmalade and honey-whipped butter. I hope this makes you hungry!