Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hello, this is the newest idea from Forget-me-not Farm's, Small Graces B&B. There is so much happening on our farm that we can't keep up with a regular website. So, we are going to give you regular posts, and hope you like to read a lot!
Tonight we just did a batch of Farmgirl Handcream. It's like a sweet smelling, protective lip-balm for your hands. We make it at home, with all natural and organic ingrediants. If you live in the northeast, or just have a farm you will love how your hands feel after a day or two. Our handcream is for sale, just email me. There will be photos coming soon.
PS There are openings at our Organic B&B, look at,

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Anonymous said...

Economy doing better...want to soak in Spa Room Tub!!! Want to enjoy the beautiful breakfasts and children! Hoping to return to one of our favorite places. Jere Lynn