Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring of 2009, first Lamb

Come for a visit this springtime and you
will be greeted by the sound of tiny sheep calling their momas!
The baby can hardly decide if she wants to hug the
lamb, or if he might lick her and she needs to get away!
It's only the first of many lambs for the season.
Dora is this little guys moma, and she ALWAYS is the
first to lamb. She does it without assistace and so
nonchalante, it is her true calling! Her son this year,
(he is a ram lamb) is called cookies and cream. I wanted
to name him "hearts bottom", he has a perfect heart on
on one of his, "cheeks".

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BelleWeather Farm said...

Just had to try this out! Chloe is so sweet, and the lambie, too!