Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yummy mail, garlic and the pantry

 We just had some yummy mail come, our regular shippment of Stonewall kitchen jams and sauces, I just love cooking with their ingredients!  We always have some for sale in the cottage too.
 Here is a close up of this years garlic, I am afraid it's a bit small, we are still waiting for our stretch of sunny days.   The growth you see here happened over one night!  That was after the one nice spring-like day that we had.
 Garlic again-so pretty. I wish I could post the smell of the earth, and the garlic too!
This is a view of our pantry, I thought maybe guests would like to see some glimpses of the makings of breakfast!  These herbs are either grown here, or are from a bulk order that I get, and are all organic. Rosemay, Basil, Chili, Raspberry, Chamomile, Spirulina...

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Susie said...

All so beautiful! I am longing for my visit there. It is a peaceful, safe place for me. Can't wait!